meet carina -revealed boudoir and glamour photographer

Photography has been my life long passion. Photographs are a little magical to me. I just love how a picture can bring you back in time, indulging you into that very particular moment again, just by looking at it.

No surprise I ended up being a photographer. I started out as a wedding photographer, which I still am till this day, together with my husband. Very quickly into my photography business I discovered my passion for female portrait photography. After shooting several boudoir and glamour portraits I decided to start my very own website Revealed. My little place on the world wide web where I can share this passion with all of you.

I’ll be sharing the photo shoots with you of all the brave women that took their chance to stand in front of my camera. That allowed me to Reveal their true self. And I would love to do the same for you! Feel free to inquire!

5 random facts about me:

-I love coffee a lot, Latté to be specific!

-Paris is my favorite city in the world!

-My favorite seasons are spring and summer, and I hate winter!

-I’m a shopaholic or in better words a fashion addict.

-I use emoticons a lot, but I think they look ugly on my blog, so I’ll try to hold back on them here 😉

Feel free to leave some random facts about you! I would love to get to know you!