Ever since I was a child I could go through photo albums for hours. I felt there was something magical in these images allowing me to feel again what I felt at a certain moment in my life. To bring me back to that one particular moment. Till this day I believe pictures are magic. They are the everlasting memories from our lives that can hold so much emotion in only one frame.

Women tend to be very hard and critical on themselves and are always trying to become a better version of themselves. My goal is to make them feel proud of the person they already are. To make them look at themselves and think: is that really me? Am I this gorgeous woman on this picture. I think there is no greater joy than giving a woman the ability to feel good and proud about who she is.

My husband and four boys, forever and unconditionally they are what makes my life complete. Coffee: It’s my perfect start of the day. Books: I think it’s amazing how reading a book can make you feel like you’re somewhere else, how you can get drawn into a story. Social media: I’m a true geek. Going to dinner: my favorite hangout.


"Some women fear the fire,
some women simply become it"

- R.H. SIN

About Carina